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Specialty Contact Lenses for Improved Vision and Comfort

Discover the benefits of RGP, Scleral, and Hybrid contact lenses for individuals with various vision concerns. Whether you have corneal diseases, underwent corneal grafting, suffer from severe dry eye, or need correction for high refractive errors, our RGP, Scleral, and Hybrid lenses are the perfect solution.

Who can benefit from RGP, Scleral, & Hybrid contact lenses?

Crafted from biocompatible polymers, RGP, SCleral, & Hybrid contact lenses offer exceptional visual clarity and comfort, thanks to their high oxygen permeability and transmissibility.


Experience the transformative power of these lenses that prioritize your visual well-being and deliver unparalleled comfort. 

If you have conditions like keratoconus, keratomalacia, or corneal injuries, these lenses provide a regular surface and curvature to restore clear vision.

If you have undergone corneal transplant surgery you can achieve maximum vision improvement with the help of these lenses.

If you are suffering from severe dry eye, these lenses not only moisturize the eyes but also provide a protective shield against irritants, ensuring lasting comfort throughout the day.

If you have high myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism, RGP, Scleral, and Hybrid lenses offer superior vision without the distortions experienced with high-grade eyeglasses.

If you prefer contact lenses but experience discomfort or complications, these specialty lenses made of high-quality materials can provide a convenient and comfortable alternative.

What sets RGP, Scleral, and Hybrid contact lenses apart from generic contact lenses?

RGP, scleral, and hybrid contact lenses stand out from generic lenses due to their specialized materials, custom-fit designs, superior visual clarity, improved comfort, and suitability for specific eye conditions.


They offer individuals with unique vision needs an opportunity to experience enhanced eye health, precise correction, and unparalleled comfort that surpasses the capabilities of generic contact lenses.


Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Lenses

RGP lenses are small-diameter lenses that are placed in contact with the cornea. Their small size makes these lenses easy to insert. But since it is placed directly on the cornea, the most sensitive part of the eye, it may require an adaptation period to achieve maximum comfort.

Scleral Lenses

Scleral lenses are large-diameter lenses. Learning how to insert scleral lenses may require a few trials but it’s very comfortable to use with very minimal to no foreign body sensation on the eyes.

Hybrid Contact Lenses

Hybrid Lenses are average-diameter lenses. They combine the advantages of an RGP lens and a soft lens. These lenses provide superior visual quality without the adaptation period required for RGP lenses.

Why choose Eyecare Deluxe for your specialty contact lenses?

Premium Biocompatible Polymers


We use the highest quality materials that are biocompatible and offer superior comfort and clarity of vision.

Tailored Designs


Our custom lenses correct a wide range of vision problems, including myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia. We also offer myopia control designs to prevent its progression.

Extended Wear Options


For added convenience, we can customize extended-wear versions of our RGP, Scleral, and Hybrid lenses, allowing you to wear them continuously for up to 30 days.

HydraPEG Coating


Our lenses are coated with HydraPEG to resist deposit build-up, ensuring easy cleaning and maintenance for hassle-free wear.

Enhanced Durability


Our lenses are designed to be more durable and longer-lasting, giving you extended use and value for your investment.

Expertise and Experience


Our eye specialists are highly skilled in advanced RGP, Scleral, and Hybrid lens designs and materials, ensuring optimal fit and comfort.

I thought I was going blind, but Dr. Lareen Dawn made sure and did everything to prevent me from going blind. Their services are really worth it.



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