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Why book a Comprehensive Eye Exam?

A comprehensive eye exam is more thorough than a routine vision screening, and it can help detect a wider range of eye problems. This is important for both adults and children, as eye problems can affect anyone, regardless of age.




If you have been having vision problems, getting a comprehensive eye exam can provide relief by identifying the cause of your problems and providing treatment and/or management.



When you have good vision, you're able to participate in activities that you enjoy, such as driving, reading, or playing sports. Getting a comprehensive eye exam can help to ensure that you have the vision you need to participate in the activities you love.



Knowing that you're taking steps to protect your vision can give you peace of mind and a sense of security. Getting a comprehensive eye exam is an important part of eye health and can help to protect your vision for a lifetime.

Clinical Procedures in a Comprehensive Eye Exam


Vision Tests

Experience accuracy with the Cycloplegic Vision Test, find comfort through Pupil Distance Measurement, detect potential issues with Corneal Curvature Measurement, overcome focus challenges with our Accommodative Dysfunction Test, and discover personalized solutions with our Low Vision Test.


Neurological and Binocular Vision Tests

Are you tired of struggling with your vision? Feeling like things aren't as clear as they used to be? Don't suffer in silence any longer!  With our comprehensive vision tests, we can identify the root of your vision issues and provide tailored solutions to improve your eyesight. Say goodbye to blurry vision, trouble focusing, and eye fatigue.


Eye Health Tests

Discover the full potential of your vision with our advanced tests. From imaging technologies to screenings for various eye conditions, we provide comprehensive care to detect and manage diseases like cataracts, glaucoma, and more.


Eye Tests for School or Work Requirements

Maximize your potential in school and work with our comprehensive vision tests. Identify and address vision issues that can impact performance. Whether it's poor visual acuity or color vision deficiencies, we'll help you overcome limitations and excel in every aspect of life.

I thought I was going blind, but Dr. Lareen Dawn made sure and did everything to prevent me from going blind. Their services are really worth it.


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Deluxe Pediatric Eye Exam
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Deluxe Eye Exam for Adults

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