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Vision Tests

Starts at PHP 1,000

30 minutes to 1 hour


1. Cycloplegic Vision Test

Cycloplegic vision test requires the use of diagnostic eyedrops that relax the focusing muscles of the eye in order to accurately determine the total amount of myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism. It is required for all pediatric patients and adults who have amblyopia, strabismus, or whose eye grades are always changing due to ciliary spasms brought about by too much near work like phone use, reading, etc.

2. Pupil Distance Measurement

Pupillary distance measures the distance of the two eyes from the center. It is essential in determining how the eyes align with each other as well as how the eyes must align with the eyeglasses to prevent eyeglasses discomfort.

3. Corneal Curvature Measurement

Astigmatism can be caused by irregularities in the structures of the eye such as the lens, the retina, and the cornea. However, most astigmatism are caused by irregularities in the cornea. Very high corneal astigmatism can be a sign of corneal diseases like keratoconus and keratomalacia which can cause vision impairment if not managed early.

4. Accommodative Dysfunction Test

Accommodation is the ability of the ciliary muscles inside the eyes to focus on objects from all distances. Accommodation is very active when an individual is doing near work like reading. Accommodative dysfunction causes difficulty switching focus from far to near or near to far, and difficulty focusing at near for long periods of time. It can cause headaches when doing visually-demanding tasks like reading.

5. Low Vision Test

Individuals with low vision have visual difficulties that cannot be fully-corrected with traditional eyeglasses, surgery, or medications. The low vision exam is a more in-depth vision assessment that usually takes three times longer than the standard vision exam. The goal for a low vision exam is to maximize the remaining vision using low vision aids like telescopic eyeglasses, light-absorbing lens filters, magnifiers, and other similar devices.

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