Eyecare Deluxe positions itself at the forefront of eyecare services by investing in the most complete, most advance, and most cutting-edge ophthalmic facilities, that may not be found in other opticals, eye clinics, eye centers, and hospitals in Davao City.

Eyecare Deluxe is a whole new realm in the eyecare industry because it is neither an eye center nor an optical. What do you call an eye center that does not perform surgeries and an optical that doesn't focus on selling eyeglasses? That is Eyecare Deluxe.

Our Story

Eyecare Deluxe is changing the norm of eye health care

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Eyecare Deluxe is the brainchild of Dr. Lareen Dawn Baluso- Tan.

She is most fulfilled when she is able to help patients with very complex vision problems that cannot be improved by traditional eyeglasses or surgery.


Through Eyecare Deluxe, Dr. Tan aims to redefine eyecare by providing quality eye care services for its valued patients whether it's through eyeglasses, specialty eye care services, or prompt referrals to other ophthalmologists, neurologists, internists, and other medical specialties.

Awarded as Best in Research by the Integrated Philippine Association of Optometrists, was board topnotcher, and was once president of the Davao City Optometric Society. She underwent international trainings from the OK Vision Academy, Russia, Australian Council of Behavioral Optometry, and the Optometric Extension Program, USA. She is also a consultant at the Fe Del Mundo Vision Care Institute, and the head for FDMVCI Davao Research and Services.

Dr. Dawn Tan believes that optometrists can provide life-changing and impactful contributions by helping patients with very complex visual problems see better.

Everyone who enters Eyecare Deluxe is educated about the importance of getting a comprehensive eye exam instead of being sales talked to buy eyeglasses. Unlike most opticals, Eyecare Deluxe patients may only try on frames after an initial eye exam. Eyecare Deluxe doctors will only prescribe eyeglasses if it is what will benefit their patients. Eyecare Deluxe is where eyeglasses are medical devices and not mere fashion accessories only.

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