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With its state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic eye and vision care facilities, Eyecare Deluxe provides the most thorough comprehensive vision exams.

As the premier eye clinic in Davao City, Eyecare Deluxe exclusively provides Zeiss lenses and luxury eyewear brands for all its clients.

Eyecare Deluxe is the only eye clinic in Davao City that specializes in advanced non-surgical and minimally-invasive eye treatments like myopia control managements, non-surgical refractive correction using orthokeratology, premium RGP (oxygen-permeable), scleral, and hybrid contact lenses, neuro-vision therapies, PhotoTherm (ocular intense pulsed light), and low vision rehabilitation with orientation and mobility training. Eyecare Deluxe also prescribes premium eye drops and ophthalmic nutritional supplements for adult and pediatric patients to ensure clear vision and healthy eyes.

Our Story

Eyecare Deluxe, leading the way to safer and more advanced non-invasive eye treatments for better vision and healthier eyes!

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Eyecare Deluxe is the brainchild of Dr. Lareen Dawn Baluso-Tan.

She is most fulfilled when she is able to help people who have complex vision problems that cannot be corrected with traditional eyeglasses, medical, or surgical eye treatments.

Through Eyecare Deluxe, Dr. Tan aims to redefine eyecare by providing quality eye care services for its valued patients whether it's through eyeglasses, specialty eye care services, or prompt referrals to other ophthalmologists, neurologists, internists, and other medical specialties.

Dr. Lareen Dawn Baluso Tan is one of the top comprehensive eye specialists in the country. She is the first optometrist in Davao City to
become a clinic associate, consultant, and fellow of the Pediatric Optometry in Vision Development and Rehabilitation. She is also the first optometrist in Mindanao who graduated from the six-year Doctor of Optometry Program of the most prestigious optometry school in the Philippines, Centro Escolar University, Manila.

Dr. Tan is a board topnotcher in the 2015 National Optometry Licensure Examination. She was also awarded Best in Research by
the Integrated Philippine Association of Optometrists and was elected as the youngest president of the Davao City Optometric Society in 2016. She decided to return to Davao City for the purpose of making advanced non-surgical and minimally-invasive eye treatments accessible to patients located in Mindanao.


As an eye specialist, Dr. Dawn Tan has been able to
provide life-changing results to many people with seemingly hopeless visual problems without the risks and adverse effects of medical and surgical eye treatments.

International Affiliations:

  • Advance Vision Technologies, Colorado, USA (Ortho-k and Scleral Lens Consultant for the Philippines)

  • American Academy of Optometry, Florida, USA (Candidate Fellow)

International Memberships:

  • College of Syntonic Optometry, Colorado USA

  • College of Optometrists in Vision Development, Ohio, USA

  • Optometric Extension Program, Maryland, USA

  • Australasian Council of Behavioral Optometry, Victoria, Australia

Specialty Treatments


The safer alternative to refractive LASIK surgery; orthokeratology is a non-surgical refractive correction for individuals with myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. It is highly recommended for children with myopia, as well as adults who are contraindicated for LASIK surgery.

Neuro-Vision Therapy

Effective non-surgical treatment for amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (eye misalignments), double vision, and other neuro-vision disorders; neuro-vision therapy and rehabilitation uses vision exercises and syntonics (phototherapy) to improve the function of the brain’s visual cortex. It enhances the brain’s ability to correctly interpret the sensory input of both eyes to achieve alignment of the two eyes, single binocular vision, accurate depth perception, precise eye-hand coordination, correct vision-related reading and learning problems, and improve visual perceptual skills.

RGP, Scleral, and Hybrid Contact Lenses

An advanced vision correction for severe astigmatism, myopia, and hyperopia; RGP, Scleral, and hybrid contact lenses are medically-necessary for individuals with keratoconus, pre and post-corneal transplant patients, as well as corneal irregularities due to genetic abnormalities or traumatic eye injuries that may not be improved by eyeglasses or surgery.

Myopia Control

Although standard myopia correction with conventional eyeglasses, contact lenses, and refractive LASIK surgery, may provide clear vision, the inevitable increase of nearsightedness, which is often more aggressive in younger individuals, can lead to early cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and retinal detachment. Hence, people diagnosed with myopia are strongly recommended to undergo myopia management in order to control the progression of nearsightedness and prevent myopia-related eye diseases. Myopia control strategies include orthokeratology, phototherapy, vision therapy, and eyeglasses and contact lenses designed with
myopia treatment zones.

Low Vision Rehabilitation

A rehab program for visually-impaired individuals to help them integrate back into society with the prescription of low vision aids to help improve their visual status and orientation and mobility training to help them regain independent living skills.


The most advanced eye treatment for dry eyes, blepharitis, meibomian gland dysfunction, and other eye conditions that affect the external eye; Phototherm utilizes ocular intense pulsed light (IPL) and enhanced low intensity lightwaves to effectively treat external eye inflammations and infections long-term.

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