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What Our Patients Say About Ortho-K

As the better alternative for LASIK surgery, orthokeratology strives to be the best-proven solution for correcting and controlling myopia and preventing myopia-related eye diseases such as retinal detachment, macular degeneration, and glaucoma.

At Eyecare, many people of all ages have been treated with Ortho-K, but how exactly did Ortho-K change the lives of our patients? Check out some of our patients’ testimonials below.


Remedios is a working mom who loves to exercise, do yoga, and take long drives to work. However, things changed around 2005 when she started having blurry vision. Of course, the first option was to wear eyeglasses. But for her, it was difficult to constantly wear one while driving or doing other activities.

Years later, Remedios discovered orthokeratology upon meeting Dr. Lareen in Eyecare Deluxe. In fact, it was a big help for her. This surgery-free way of treating her vision problems helped her regain the 20/20 vision she lost decades earlier just in one week.

“By wearing the Ortho-K lenses every night, I don’t have to worry about wearing prescriptions while driving or working out.” - Remedios

For the likes of Remedios who have to work in front of the screen for hours, she doesn’t have to wear glasses anymore—and that’s all because of ortho-k’s advanced technology.


Joy is a working mom who manages her husband’s family business. On a regular week, you can find her at work. And during weekends, her family goes out to visit tourist attractions or spend their afternoon at the beach. Together with Remedios, who is her sister-in-law, they do yoga twice a week. Because of her work environment, she began experiencing eye problems five years ago.

While Joy’s vision problem was not a big deal for her, two of her kids were required to wear higher prescriptions. Because of that, she enrolled her children in Dr. Lareen’s ortho-k program. And in less than a month, their eyes went back to 20/20. As a parent, Joy was completely satisfied with these results.

“Our eyesight is part of our being, part of what we do everyday because what would the world become if we cannot see?” - Joy

Having a corrected vision makes her work more manageable and without the hassle of looking in front of the screen. As a mother, what makes her proud the most is her children’s achievements after getting their eyes treated with ortho-k as well. Her son was able to conquer his fear of heights because of his clear vision. For her, ortho-k is a big help in improving one’s eyesight.


Jesy is a clinical pharmacist turned entrepreneur to help her father in expanding their business. Although her work eats up most of her time, she makes sure she has time to relax by drinking coffee and going to the beach, which is a reward for herself. Now that pandemic restrictions are at the lowest level, she also gives time in meeting her friends. In her free time, watching Netflix is one of the things she does aside from reading.

Before moving to Davao, Jesy lived in Manila where she started experiencing vision problems. It was only in 2021 when she became a patient of Dr. Lareen to treat her poor eyesight. Prior to her orthokeratology treatment at Eyecare Deluxe, she could barely recognize people unless they were family. But after her treatment, she can now recognize anyone.

In fact, she just celebrated her first year anniversary last February with ortho-k.

“Without the glasses, I feel more confident about myself, especially in talking to people with eye-to-eye contact. Wearing glasses at night is much harder because of low visibility, which I don't need to go through anymore. But most importantly, I can now appreciate the things around me without the glasses on. Of course, seeing cars clearly without the fuzziness is a feel-good experience.” - Jesy


Ever since the pandemic lockdown started last 2020, Alex usually just stays at home and enjoys online gaming, where he finds solitude during his me-time. Sometimes, he also live streams his gameplay videos on Youtube.

But despite still being young, he believed he needed to correct his visions. And in hopes of lowering his eye grade, he decided to get Ortho-K instead of the usual eyeglasses.

Just like anybody else, ortho-k exceeded his expectations. At first, he was really on the tipping scale in whether it really works or not, but lo-and-behold, even just after a night of treatment, he could see the difference already.

"For people who are still on the tipping scales of whether or not to take Ortho-K, I highly encourage you to give it a try, it's such a great experience and a great opportunity. The results may vary but it really does not go unnoticed. You'd be as surprised as I was when I started seeing clearly without the aid of eyeglasses." - Alex

All our patients have positive feedback after trying Ortho-K, and that’s all because of Dr. Lareen Dawn Tan. With vast experience in vision therapy and corrections, Dr. Lareen is more than happy to let you know that eye care is self-empowerment, regardless of your age, gender, and occupation. Want to feel more empowered? Book an appointment with us now!


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