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Your Rights& Responsibilities As An Eyecare Deluxe Patient

Your Rights

1. Right to Appropriate Medical Care and Humane Treatment

Eyecare Deluxe acknowledges the right of every person to quality eye care services and products without any discrimination.

2. Right to Informed Consent

Eyecare Deluxe affords each patient a clear, truthful, and substantial explanation, in a manner and language understandable, of all proposed procedures, whether diagnostic, preventive, curative, rehabilitative, or therapeutic, through a cons

ent form prior to the conduct of a comprehensive eye exam. In case the patient is incapable of giving consent and a third-party consent is required, the following persons, in the order of priority stated hereunder, may give consent:

i. spouse;

ii. son or daughter of legal age;

iii. either parent;

iv. brother or sister of legal age, or

v. guardian

3. Right to Privacy and Confidentiality

Eyecare Deluxe recognizes the right to privacy of all its patients.

4. Right to Information

Eyecare Deluxe shall provide information about treatment and care, results of the evaluation, nature, and extent of disease, treatments, or procedures, medicines, and their generic counterparts, including the possible complications and other pertinent facts, statistics, or studies, regarding the patient’s eye and visual condition. The patient or his/her legal guardian has the right to examine and be given an itemized bill.

5. The Right to Choose Health Care Provider and Facility

Eyecare Deluxe respects the right of patients to choose their eye care providers and their right to seek for a second opinion and subsequent opinions, if appropriate, from another eye care provider/practitioner.

6. Right to Self-Determination

Eyecare Deluxe acknowledges the right of patients to avail himself/herself of any diagnostic and treatment procedure/s.

7. Right to Religious Belief

Eyecare Deluxe recognizes the patient’s right to refuse treatment or procedures which may be contrary to his/her religious beliefs.

8. Right to Medical Records

Eyecare Deluxe shall provide the patient with a summary of his medical h

istory and condition and any other document that the patient may require for insurance claims within forty-five (45) days from the request.

9. Right to Leave

Eyecare Deluxe shall not detain any patient against his/her will on the sole basis of his/her

failure to fully settle his/her financial obligations. However, the patient shall only be allowed to leave the facility provided appropriate arrangements have been made to settle the unpaid bills.

10. Right to Refuse Participation in Medical Research

Eyecare Deluxe shall ask for the patient’s consent before including him/her in research or human experimentation.

11. Right to Express Grievances

Eyecare Deluxe recognizes the right of each patient to express complaints and grievances without fear of discrimination or reprisal and to know about the disposition of such complaints. In this case, the patient may write a letter a

ddressed to the administration of Eyecare Deluxe and must attach all original copies of documents, screenshots of messages, and original receipts. The administration will then afford all parties concerned the opportunity to settle all grievances amicably.

12. Right to be Informed of His Rights and Obl

igations as a Patient

Eyecare Deluxe shall inform every person of their rights and obligations as a patient.


Your Obligations and R


1. Know Rights

The patient shall ensure that he/she knows and understands what the patient’s rights

are and shall exercise those rights responsibly and reasonably.

2. Provide Accurate and Complete Information

The patient shall provide Eyecare Deluxe with accurate and complete information about all matters pertaining to his/her health, including medications and past or present medical problems to his/her health care provider.

3. Report Unexpected Health Changes

It shall be the duty of every patient to report to Eyecare Deluxe any unexpected changes to

his/her condition or symptoms.

4. Understand Purpose, Cost, and Policies

The patient shall ensure that he/she understands the purpose, cost of treatments or procedures, and policies of Eyecare Deluxe.

5. Accept Consequences of Own Informed Consent

The patient shall accept all the consequences of the patient’s own informed consent. Suppose he/she refuses treatment or does not follow the instructions or advice of the health care provider or practitioner. In that case, he/she must accept the consequences of his/her decision and thus relieve the health care provider or practitioner of any liability.

6. Settle Financial Obligations

The patient shall ensure that financial obligations towards Eyecare Deluxe are fulfilled as promptly as possible, otherwise, he/she shall make appropriate arrangements to settle unpaid bills and/or professional fees.

7. Relation to Others

The patient shall so conduct himself or herself so as not to interfere with the well-being or rights of other patients and the Eyecare Deluxe staff. He/she shall act in a consid

erate and cooperative manner and follow the policies and procedures of Eyecare Deluxe.

8. Exhaust Grievance Mechanism

The patient shall first exhaust the grievance mechanism provided by Eyecare Deluxe before filing any administrative or legal action.


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