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Ortho-K: Clear Vision, No Compromises

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

When it comes to correcting your vision, you're undoubtedly presented with a multitude of options. Glasses, daytime contacts, LASIK, PRK, and other refractive surgeries each have their merits, but what if we told you there's a lesser-known, yet highly effective method that deserves your attention?

Orthokeratology (also known as Ortho-K, night lens) is a gentle, yet powerful contender in the realm of vision correction.

Ortho-K works its magic without the need for eyeglasses or invasive surgery.

There are no incisions, no downtime, and no risks of infections or surgical complications. Unlike standard contact lenses or surgical procedures, Ortho-K won't leave your eyes feeling dry and uncomfortable. It's like the comfy sweater of vision correction, wrapping your eyes in comfort.

In cases where a patient experiences dry eyes, LASIK surgery and standard contact lenses are typically discouraged due to the increased risk of corneal complications. However, this cautionary tale takes a different twist with Ortho-K. Here at Eyecare Deluxe, we utilize a highly gas-permeable material that ensures the cornea receives ample oxygen, thereby reducing the chances of redness, hypoxia, and dry eyes.

What sets Ortho-K apart is the customization factor – it's like owning a one-of-a-kind piece crafted exclusively for you. For this specialized fitting, it's imperative to seek the expertise of a dedicated Ortho-K specialist like Dr. Lareen Dawn Tan.

Dr. Dawn's vast experience in orthokeratology allows her to keep on getting better. Her expertise in orthokeratology assures each of her patients the best possible vision and eye health. She keeps on upgrading her bespoke ortho-k designs and sources her materials straight from the USA. No two ortho-k lenses from Dr. Tan are exactly alike. Each one is exact to each patient’s parameters. Each piece of ortho-k mold is customized, unique, and has its very own serial number.

Ortho-K takes the spotlight when it comes to safety.

Orthokeratology is a minimally invasive alternative, making it an excellent choice for those who may not qualify for LASIK or other surgeries due to issues like dry eyes or thin corneas.

But here's the plot twist – it's not just for newbies.

Even if you've had LASIK or other surgeries in the past and are still struggling with blurred vision due to myopia progression, Ortho-K can be your knight in shining armor.

Ortho-K won’t rain on your parade.

Think LASIK might rain on your parade when it comes to water-based adventures? Well, Ortho-K won't throw any wet blankets on your style. Because ortho-k molds are only worn during sleep, it's the ultimate wingman for your active lifestyle, whether you're an athlete or just someone who loves the great outdoors. You can get to enjoy clear vision, and healthy eyes, without eyeglasses and surgery! Your vision will be perfect, and your cornea will always remain thick and healthy!

So, if you're worried about extreme environments like scorching heat, low humidity, or dusty, sandy environments, Ortho-K has your back. Orthokeratology molds are only worn while sleeping so you don’t have to be bothered with eyeglasses or contact lenses whether you’re working or having fun. Because of orthokeratology, your lifestyle will know no boundaries.

When it comes to folks with an active lifestyle, Ortho-K always shines as the star player. Its cornea-friendly design means it won't irritate your eyes, even in the harshest conditions. It’s meant to be worn on your eyes while sleeping so it’s made of cornea-friendly and highly breathable materials so it won’t irritate your eyes.

With orthokeratology, you don’t need to shy away from any physical challenge. If you’re always up for an adventure – be it a refreshing swim, a game of basketball, a brisk run, or some playful frolicking in the sun, Orthokeratology is the best choice for you. There are no restrictions here, no limits to your favorite activities. you can enjoy your favorite sports without any limitations.

Standard eyeglasses, regular contact lenses, LASIK, and other refractive surgery procedures can’t stop myopia from getting worse, but Ortho-K can.

Ortho-K doesn't settle for average. It's not just about giving you clear vision; it's like your eye's own superhero, actively working to stop myopia progression in adults and slowing down myopia progression in children. It's like a guardian, defending your eyes from myopia-related eye diseases like retinal detachment, macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma. Ortho-K isn't just about improving your vision; it's safeguarding your sight down the road.

For folks dealing with myopia, it's like trying to focus on distant things through a foggy window while everything up close is crystal clear. While standard eyeglasses, regular contact lenses, LASIK, and other refractive surgery procedures offer a quick fix for myopia, they ALL fall short of addressing the sight-threatening dangers of myopia. They can't stop myopia from getting worse.

Our youngest Ortho-K patient is 3. The oldest? 72! In fact, Dr. Lareen Dawn Tan has helped countless patients see better whether they have myopia (nearsightedness), astigmatism, hyperopia (farsightedness), and presbyopia.

Orthokeratology doesn't discriminate by age; in fact, it's a top choice for children.

Its incredible ability to put the brakes on myopia progression makes it a game-changer for young adventurers. With Ortho-K as their trusty sidekick, kids can fully embrace their spirited exploration without being tethered to eyeglasses.

It's essential to highlight that we've successfully treated patients as young as 3 and as experienced as 72. Contrary to LASIK, which typically requires you to be 18 years old, Ortho-K doesn't make you wait. If you're a parent with a 6-year-old, you won't have to watch your child miss out on life's adventures for years. Waiting until they reach 18 for refractive error correction can be quite a long journey, during which their vision issues may worsen. Ortho-K steps in to bridge that gap and provide a solution at a much earlier age.

In essence, Orthokeratology is more than just a vision correction method; it's a transformative journey toward a future filled with clear, healthy sight and limitless possibilities. So, why not take that first step toward a brighter and more adventurous visual future? Seek the guidance of a dedicated Ortho-K specialist like Dr. Lareen Dawn Tan and let your vision unfold with Ortho-K. Your eyes will thank you for it.



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