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Patient Focus: Relevance of Specialty Eyecare Services

To protect the privacy of our patients and other people, we have removed the full names and other details included in their stories.



I was diagnosed by my ophthalmologist with keratoconus. My keratoconus was more severe in the left eye and I was advised to have corneal transplant for my left eye and cross-linking for my right eye. After both procedures my ophthalmologist prescribed me with eyeglasses but my vision only improved to 20/100. I can only see the second line in the vision chart. I went to Dr. Tan and she informed me about scleral lenses. I have never heard of it and my previous ophthalmologists never mentioned about it. They kept on talking about corneal transplant and cross-linking. After Dr. Tan placed the scleral lenses on my eyes I could immediately read 20/20. I also talked to another patient of Dr. Tan who did not undergo cross linking or corneal transplant but underwent scleral lens correction, she also had 20/20 vision immediately and her corneal and eye health has also improved after only a few months of using scleral lenses. I wish I went to Dr. Tan first. She was the best out of all my doctors. She was very caring and she really took time to know my needs and check my eyes very thoroughly. She was the only doctor who spent the most time to examine my eyes.



I was referred to Dr. Tan when I went to a chain optical for my child's eye exam. They could not check my child's eyes so they referred me to Dr. Tan. She was very excellent in examining my daughter and her methods and instruments for eye exam were different from other eye clinics. She gave my child pediatric eyeglasses. The pediatric eyeglasses were somehow costly. Dr. Tan explained to me that the lenses are custom made for children because it is made of ultra-light, ultra-thin, and impact-resistant material. She said that children are recommended to use such lenses so that in case of any accident, these lenses won't break while worn. After some time, our car accidentally ran over the eyeglasses because my child dropped it in the garage, and just like what Dr. Tan said, it did not break. My child's eyeglasses were literally unbreakable. However, we had to replace her eyeglasses because they got scratched and became very blurry.



My child always complains of glare. We visited Dr. Tan and we found out she had very high astigmatism. She advised us to try orthokeratology. As a parent, I am very willing to pay for anything that can help my child and I'm glad I trusted Dr. Tan. On the first day after my child had her Ortho-K, she was very happy. It was the first time that she did not experience any glare at all. Her vision was very clear and she did not need to wear eyeglasses anymore. Visiting Dr. Tan was one of the best decisions I made for my child.



All my life I have been wearing eyeglasses. I wanted to try LASIK but I heard about Ortho-K and learned that it was a better alternative. Dr. Tan examined me and when she checked my retina she found an optic disc crescent. She informed me that this was seen in patients with degenerative myopia. Degenerative myopia happens when the eye grade is too high or the grade increases very rapidly. This also did not make me a good candidate for LASIK because my eye grade still keeps on increasing. Dr. Tan informed me that Ortho-K can also control the increase of my eye grade so I can achieve clear vision and not worry about whether my grade will increase or not because my myopia is already controlled. I am happy Dr. Tan provided me with Ortho-K and I am thankful because if not for her I will not know that I have degenerative myopia.



I wen to to Dr. Tan to find a treatment for my color vision deficiency. I wanted to become a police officer but my color vision deficiency was a hindrance to my dream job. That time, Dr. Tan informed me that she does not have that kind of service yet. After two years, I got a message from her clinic that they now provide color vision correction. I went back to her for that. Now, I am a full-pledged police officer. I passed my color vision test, thanks to Dr. Tan.



I noticed that my eye was turning inwards intermittently, then it became more constant. I went to Dr. Tan and she prescribed vision therapy. She used a combination of vision therapy glasses, colored lights, and vision therapy exercises to straighten my eyes. She also monitored my improvements every five sessions. By the tenth session, I have already achieved alignment. We continued for ten more sessions to establish the alignment so that it won't turn inwards again. I am happy Dr. Tan got to straighten my eyes without surgery.



I went to Dr. Tan to have a second opinion regarding my child's strabismus. My child was already examined by a pediatric ophthalmologist and was advised to undergo eye muscle surgery. My child was too young and I wanted to avoid surgery. I have also heard that other patients who underwent strabismus surgery had a second episode of strabismus some time after surgery. That's why I went to Dr. Tan. She prescribed vision therapy. I don't live in Davao City so we travelled once a week to her clinic for the therapy sessions. My son also had take-home exercises. Our efforts paid off because my son's eyes are now straight even without surgery.



I went to Dr. Tan because I was not happy with the fit of my old RGP lenses. As a senior citizen with vision impairment since childhood, I have been wearing GP lenses for a very long time. Maybe more than 50 years. Dr. Tan's machines were very high-tech and were much better than my previous doctor. She fitted me with the most comfortable lenses I have ever worn. I don't mind the price difference because her lenses and her service was the most superior than all my other doctors.



My husband had very poor vision for the last three to five years. I went to an ophthalmologist to have him examined and they advised him to get a special test but they did not have the machine. I went to Dr. Tan. She examined my husband's eyes very thoroughly and informed me that my husband had a macular hole which resulted to his central vision loss. She explained about low vision. She prescribed special low vision eyeglasses and digital magnifier to help improve my husband's vision. My husband's vision did not go back to 20/20 but he was able to see much better than before. I am so glad Dr. Tan was able to rehabilitate my husband's vision and lessened his vision impairment.



My mom used to be a very smart professor at a well-known university but when she got old and her vision became very poor, she started to become senile and not herself. Dr. Tan prescribed her with low vision eyeglasses and low vision magnifiers. She was so happy when she could read the newspaper again. It was like Dr. Tan brought my mom back to life just by improving her vision.



My child always had an eye turn since she was young. We have gone to many different doctors, both ophthalmologists and optometrists, both abroad and in the Philippines. Only Dr. Tan was able to explain my child's condition in a way that I can clearly understand, and more importantly, only Dr. Tan was able to provide results. I am glad we underwent vision therapy with Dr. Tan.



My child had a frequent eye turn because her two eyes did not have the same grade. One of her eyes had a way higher grade than the other. Dr. Tan succesfully treated my child through vision therapy. I went to other doctors after that for simple eyeglasses replacements but my child complained of headaches and eyestrain. I went back to Dr. Tan because I was afraid her eye turn might come back. Dr. Tan was able to manage my child's eyes again. My child did not experience any headache anymore. I learned that eyeglasses can affect binocular vision and if it is not taken into consideration by the doctor, my child's vision may suffer in the long run. Now I know better and I just stick to Dr. Tan.



My niece has difficulty with reading and other school work. We have gone to many ophthalmologists and optometrists since she was 2 years old. We tried patching because she was diagnosed with amblyopia, but it still did not help her. We thought she had dyslexia because she could not read yet even if she was already 6 years old and even if we got her a reading tutor. We went to a well-known hospital in Manila to have her tested for any learning disability. While waiting for her results, we had my niece checked by Dr. Tan. She performed a lot of tests for my niece including Test for Visual Perceptual Skills. Dr. Tan informed us that many kids are misdiagnosed with learning disabilities because most people immediately jump into diagnosing kids with learning and behavioral disabilities like dyslexia and ADHD without ruling out other sensory problems. Also, most eye doctors only check for visual clarity not visual efficiency so other eye problems can be missed or misdiagnosed. After my niece had vision therapy with Dr. Tan she became very good at school. Everytime we go to the mall, the first place she would ask us to go to was the book store. She now loves to read and we are so grateful to Dr. Tan for that.



I ordered progressive eyeglasses with Dr. Tan. I have had my eyes examined and have also worn eyeglasses before but my visit with Dr. Tan was by far the best one I have experienced. She also prescribed the most durable eyeglasses. I was involved in a car accident with my friend. My friend's eyeglasses got wrecked while mine did not. Dr. Tan's eyeglasses had very superior quality. Even though her eyeglasses were not cheap, I ordered two more because I was very impressed with their durability.


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